Why You Should Consider Alternatives to Ad Monetisation



In the digital world, a positive user experience is key for any platform’s success. However, it’s often a challenge to balance generating ad revenue while ensuring users aren’t bombarded with excessive ads. Platforms like YouTube, for example, have received criticism for the sheer volume of ads, leading viewers to seek alternatives or employ ad-blocking tools. Even industry giants like Netflix faced backlash when they experimented with advertising.

User satisfaction is paramount. It directly influences user retention, engagement, and brand loyalty. When users enjoy a positive experience, they’re more likely to spend more time on the platform, engage more with its content, and even become its advocates. Conversely, an overload of ads can lead to user frustration and disengagement.

Although ad personalisation and targeting can make ads more relevant and less intrusive, relying solely on ad revenue comes with risks. Therefore, platforms and apps are now diversifying their monetisation strategies to reduce their dependence on ads. They’re turning to subscription models, partnerships, and premium features as appealing alternatives to excessive advertising.

An innovative approach in this mix is data monetisation, specifically targeted towards network optimisation. This method captures pseudonymous data to improve mobile network and coverage. It works harmoniously with various monetisation methods, optimising revenue while prioritising user satisfaction.

At Monedata, we strongly advocate for this strategy. Our platform allows you to unlock the full potential of data monetisation for network optimisation. By capitalising on these insights, we can bolster your revenue streams while ensuring a non-intrusive user experience. With Monedata, it’s possible to generate revenue without compromising user satisfaction a true win-win scenario!


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