How to earn more money with my apps.



Make the most out of your apps with this mini guide of good practices in the sale of data, with tricks and tips.

Good practices for the integration of Monedata.

You have developed several apps and you want to get the most out of your work and dedication. The sale of data is a nonintrusive way, and it is also fully compatible with other monetization methods, such as ads.

We are developers, and there was a time when we found ourselves in the same situation as you. Where to start?

Monedata was created out of the need to make this path easier for developers like us. We created a unique and lightweight software development kit (SDK) that allows you to work with multiple buyers at the same time, and with which you receive unified payments on a monthly basis.

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To make you make the most out of your apps, we have developed this mini guide of good practices in the sale of data, with several points focused on the integration of Monedata and also other general tricks and tips.


Direct the growth of your apps to the countries that generate the most benefits.

Data from some countries is more profitable than others. Growing in users in those countries will generate more return.

Here is a list of the areas or countries to which you should focus your growth:

  • Europe (Especially Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the UK)
  • USA and Canada
  • Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia
  • Australia

TIP: Translate your apps into the languages ​​of these countries. If you grow organically, look for forums and other places where your potential users interact, and if you use ads, run campaigns in those countries as well.


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Request the location access.

Location is one of the data that produces the highest performance. It is an indicator with many uses, for example, to improve coverage service or to find out how citizens move in a specific place. And it is very well paid.

TIP: Google Play has updated its policy on mobile device location; Background location access is now restricted to apps that need it for their core functionality and that meet related policy requirements. Not many apps get approved by Google to use location in the background, and being among them is going to be highly sought after.

To learn more about how to request this feature, read this article from the Play Console help center.


Convince your users to agree to share their data.

Making the user experience simpler and more transparent is always going to be a long-term advantage when it comes to data. That the user understands what they share and that this anonymous data is collected, among other things, to improve their user experience, is essential.

First and foremost, as a developer, you must ensure that your consent system complies with IAB (The IAB Transparency and Consent Framework) standards. As an entrepreneur, you want to get the most out of your work. Without a proper consent system, the data from your apps cannot be monetized, so they will not produce income.

TIP: You can design the consent of your apps yourself or use a consent management platform such as Ogury or Google Funding Choices. This type of platform will facilitate compliance with the GDPR, they will provide you with customizable and surely optimized options to convince the user to accept.

If you need help in this regard, please write to us and we can advise you about the different consent systems or CMP that currently exist.


Periodically update your apps with the latest version of the Monedata SDK.

This point is fundamental. The first and most important thing is to keep your apps updated with the latest version of the Monedata SDK.

Each update to our SDK incorporates:

  • New partners buying the data.
  • Improvements in data capture to achieve greater optimization.
  • Security improvements to adapt them to the publication requirements of Google Play, GDPR, etc.

Get the most out of your work by doing this simple process:
Update = + Income.

You can find more information in our article: Why is it important to keep the Monedata SDK up to date?


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