How to get reviews for your app.



Getting positive reviews for your apps A good number of positive reviews in an app store will make the difference to position and to get more users. Here we tell you how.

The quantity and rating of the reviews in the app stores help to improve your position in them.

Users not only find interesting apps by categories, they also receive suggestions from the store. A good number of positive reviews can make the difference between installing an app that has already catched their attention or not.

Getting positive reviews is a proactive job, just uploading your app is not going to make them appear automatically, in any case, most of the spontaneous reviews are complaints or criticisms.

Here are some ideas for getting positive reviews in the app stores.


Use an app review pop up system.

You can design it yourself or choose from the many options that exist for both Android and iOS, it will make it much easier for you to get reviews.

Do not launch it from the beginning, give your users time to test the app. You can launch the pop up at specific moments associated with a positive feeling, for example, if it is a game, when passing a level. Never launch them in a way that interrupts the use of the app.

TIP: Make the plugin send only the good reviews to the store. You can send the lowest rates to your help center or email to offer a solution.

Provide an easy way to get complaints and suggestions from the app.

Provide support for your users in your app in a clear and simple way. You can use a chat system with a bot, or an email so they can report bugs or problems. This way, users feel that they participate in the improvements of the app and that they are helped in their complaints or criticisms.


Run a contest.

You can do it on social media, in specialized forums and even on your mailing list if you have one. You can offer small prizes like gift cards or discount codes for a randomly chosen winner.

TIP: There are developer forums where you can run giveaways and review contests.

Both Google and Apple have rules in this regard, be sure to check them first.


Encourage your users to leave reviews.

You can offer incentives such as rewards or exclusive access to some features. Again, check the rules on this from Google and Apple.


Put a banner on your website that encourages and leads to leave a review.

People tend to leave reviews if you remind them.


Get reviews right from the beginning.

Get influencers and bloggers to leave you reviews as soon as you launch the app. If you already have a certain following on social media, announce the launch of the app, emphasizing the importance of reviews.


Reply to all reviews.

As we have mentioned, reviews are the first impression a potential user gets. Answer negative reviews by offering solutions or showing that you take note of the criticism to improve. Answering the questions of the positive reviews or simply thanking them for the feedback is a plus and humanizes your app.

TIP: To give it a more personal touch, you can use the name of the person you are replying to, show that you take their opinions into account and encourage them to leave long and detailed reviews, you can do it by asking them questions.

Make your app deserve a review.

This is the base of getting good reviews. Your app must comply with what it offers, simply and efficiently. If your app makes your users happy, they will leave reviews to show it and to thank you. A good app will be worthy of good reviews.


Extra Tip

It is not clear, but there is a belief that the keywords of the user reviews count to position an app (ASO). Use this knowledge to your advantage by trying to promote the use of keywords among your users. In theory, the keywords of your answers will not count to position.


Illustration by Monica Galan


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