Strategies to grow your apps.



Increase the number of users of your apps with these strategies from pro developers and download our checklist to help you do it.


Increase the number of users with these tips and tricks from pro developers.

Once your app is developed, the work of getting users and maintaining them begins. Next, we are going to give you several keys on how to do it in a simple and effective way. We have designed a template to make planning easier for you, you can download it at the end of the article.

In general, to get users, you have to work on these areas: positioning in app stores, localization, user retention and promotion. This post is mostly focused on organic growth, although it also includes some notes on ads and small investments with a good return.

The first and most important thing is to offer a good user experience in your app. Analyze it, look for beta testers to give you constructive criticism, you can also test new functionalities or changes in the branding through A/B testing. Update it frequently to eliminate bugs, add new features and enhancements. If you have decided on monetization with ads, pay attention that they are not invasive and annoying. A good user experience includes privacy and data processing, it must be very clear and transparent for the user.



According to Think with Google, 40% of users find new apps to install in the app stores.

The purpose of working your ASO is for the user to easily find the app and download it. It is based on keywords and the Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO.

The key factors to position an app in the search results are the number of downloads, the app’s rating and the amount of user comments.

How to Improve my ASO?

  • Choose a memorable name for your app and accompany it with a title that clearly indicates what it consists of.
  • Write a persuasive description and use keywords, especially in the first paragraph. When choosing keywords, think about what terms your potential users are going to search for and analyze apps similar to yours. Read carefully and follow each store’s guidelines for keywords.
  • Get good reviews for your app. We have an article where you can find some ideas on how to do it.

BONUS TIP: Reviews are the first impression a potential user gets. Answer negative reviews by offering solutions or showing that you take note of the criticism to improve. Answering the questions of the positive reviews or simply thanking them for the evaluation is a plus and humanizes your app.

  • Pay attention to your graphics. Choose an attractive icon, and screenshots that represent your app with good graphic quality. If you don’t have the skills, invest in a graphic designer.
  • Choose the correct category and subcategory for your app. If you have doubts between two, choose the one with the fewest competitors.
  • Add other languages ​​for your text and images. We will discuss this issue in more depth in the Localization section.


In addition to app stores, consumers find apps through their smartphones while using another app, watching a video, visiting a website or using a search engine. The most common sources for discovering new apps, according to Think with Google, are:


Mobile app marketing insights by Think with Google

TIP: Your close people are your first circle of expansion, they are the first to help you grow with word of mouth, start there.

Here are some ideas for promoting your app.

Create a web page for your app that is simple and includes a clear call to action that leads the customer to install the app. Download links must be very accessible, it is important that consumers find where to download the app quickly and easily.

Record a video to promote yourself on social media, as an advertisement and for your description in the app stores.

Create email marketing campaigns. If you don’t have a large subscriber base, look for collaborations with apps or businesses related to yours that do.

Use social media to your advantage. Most interactions on social media occur through mobile devices. This makes it easier for people to download an app that grabs their attention. Choose the social networks in which you are going to invest your efforts based on your target audience you are targeting. If you don’t have a big team, choose two or three social media and focus on them. The growth strategy is similar for all social media, create interesting content and try to increase followers, participate in relevant groups, and do not forget your friends and acquaintances, invite them to follow you and share you. Consider investing money in social media promotion.

TIP: Create a group on Facebook on the subject of the app in which the subject is discussed. Provide informative and useful content and use your authority to recommend your app.

In the same way, look for forums and communities with similar themes to those of your app, position yourself as an expert in the area, offering help and advice. Again, this opens the door for you to recommend your app.

Look for people to promote it on their webs or their blogs. You can collaborate with influencers but also with your users.

TIP: Reward people who have left you good comments in the markets or social media as a thank you, they will feel special and they will be the users who recommend you among their acquaintances.

Advertise in other apps. Around a third of users discover new apps while using others. Find an ad service company. And if you need it to be cheaper, collaborate with other apps to cross-promote or get a special price.


Mobile app marketing insights by Think with Google

Find media to promote yourself. Do you think your app can be interesting for the readers of a magazine or for the listeners of a podcast? Contact the publisher or the editor and let him know. Look for specialized media such as bloggers, magazines or content platforms. This company can help you appear in the press for a reasonable price (not sponsored).

TIP: Prepare a press kit that will facilitate this task, this way you will only have to personalize the cover letters.

You can also create physical campaigns. This will depend on the theme of your app. You can leave flyers or posters in related businesses to the theme of your app, sponsor an event or group, or even appear in the local media.

And finally, you can carry out marketing campaigns through Google Ads. You can find more information here.



Localization means adapting your app to each market you target. This term refers to not only translating but adapting the language so that it is understandable and natural for the user.

TIP: If you’re monetizing using data, target the countries that produce the highest returns.

An investment in translations will help you get more users since, by making them feel comfortable, it improves the user experience. In addition, it can make the difference between choosing to install your app among other similar ones. And finally, being present internationally, establishes your brand presence.

In addition to the texts of your app, localize the texts of the descriptions in the app markets, the screenshots and the videos. Don’t forget to analyse the graphics, such as the icon or the images and photos to make them culturally appropriate. For example, there are colors with certain connotations in some countries.

You can find economic translators on platforms where freelancers offer their services.



Consumers install and uninstall apps. The main reasons are the loss of interest, that it is no longer needed, that once installed, it is not as useful as they thought or that they find something better.

Determine the reasons why your users are deleting your app. You can do this by analyzing the negative reviews and the problems they are running into. Periodically analyze your statistics to know the behavior of your users.

Ask yourself, does my app fulfill what it offers in the description? Make sure you are providing the services you claim to provide.

In addition, it releases updates periodically to improve problems or eliminate bugs.

TIP: Make your app as light as possible, one of the most common causes of uninstallation is that apps take up a lot of memory.

Finally, fight the loss of interest by offering a clear value and utility in your app. As an extra, you can offer incentives to renew the use of the app, the most effective are discounts and exclusive content.


Mobile app marketing insights by Think with Google

App development is a long-distance race. We must continuously work on improving the app, as well as its monetization and promotion. A good analysis is key to not miss any opportunity and a good organization is fundamental to get the most out of your work.


Download this checklist we have created to help you grow your apps.


Illustration by Monica Galan


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