What developers need to know about Google's Consent Management Requirements

As an Android app developer, staying informed about changes in online advertising regulations is essential. If you don’t, the chances are that you could fall behind, and your app may even fall foul of the Google Play Store policies and result in your app being removed.

Google's new consent management requirements for serving ads in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK significantly impact publishers and developers. Below, the Monedata team has put together everything you need to know before the upcoming changes.

What you need to know

From 16 January, publishers and developers that use Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob will need to switch to a Consent Management Platform (CMP) certified by Google.

This requirement aligns with the Integrated Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The primary goal is to enhance user transparency and consent management in online advertising.

Publishers must ensure their CMP is Google-certified and complies with TCF standards. This move continues Google's 2020 commitment to support standardised frameworks for managing user consent. It's important to note that while Google assesses CMPs for TCF compliance, it does not guarantee full compliance with privacy laws.

As we approach January 16, 2024, it's crucial to understand that using a non-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP) will lead to the inability to serve ads to European Economic Area (EEA) and UK traffic. Google is certifying CMPs and expanding their list. Publishers must actively engage with their CMP providers about this certification process.

To align with these changes, developers and publishers should:

1. Discuss the certification process with current CMP providers.
2. Consider Google’s list of certified CMPs for new partnerships.
3. Assess whether to adopt Google’s Privacy & Messaging GDPR user consent messages, certified for TCF compliance.

Recommended CMP Solutions:

- InMobi's CMP: We recommend integrating InMobi's CMP, known for its user-friendly interface, high customizability, and cost-free nature. It's Google-certified for use with AdMob or Ad Manager. Android Implementation Guide.

- SFBX AppConsent: Alternatively, we offer a premium CMP free for our publishers. If you choose this CMP, contact us, and we'll generate a free key for you, included in our collaboration with Monedata. SFBX AppConsent Implementation. This CMP is pre-configured with all our partners and tailored texts for direct monetization of ads and data.

Note: We do not recommend Google's CMP as it only allows ad monetization and doesn't offer the option to list partners for user control.

Preparing for the Changes:

Ensure your CMP is on track for Google certification or find a certified alternative. Understand the TCF and how it integrates with your ad systems. Assess how these changes impact your consent management strategy, especially for EEA and UK traffic.

Regularly check for updates on certified CMPs and any guidance from Google.

Wrapping Up:

Google's new consent management requirements will significantly change how ads are served in the EEA and the UK. Adapting requires a proactive approach in understanding and implementing certified CMPs. Stay informed and prepared to ensure compliance and success in your advertising efforts and maximize earnings from your app.

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